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Are you guys still watching ‘Pan Am’?

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  1. ks0up reblogged this from huffposttv and added:
    Love this show!
  2. tutivillus answered: Watch it and LOVE it.
  3. citifiedhippie answered: YES
  4. kearonchase answered: no who watches that show???
  5. darktwistedfantasyturntoreality answered: i’m loving pan am so much, it’s great. Hope it doesn’t get canceled because i’m crazy for colette and dean
  6. cynthiakao answered: NO
  7. it-aint-the-same answered: absolutly
  8. relivethesplendor answered: Yes.
  9. aguatonica answered: yes!!!
  10. whitneystrouth answered: YES!
  11. doux-noire answered: YES!
  12. darnellisgood answered: l
  13. thejadedentrepreneur answered: No.
  14. ruledbymypassions answered: Yes! it’s a pretty good show!
  15. dremoftheboys answered: Otimo gostei>< :S
  16. thecollegecrush answered: no, we miss the playboy club!
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