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A taste of what we think were the biggest OMG moments of 2011.


What were TV’s biggest OMG moments in your opinion?

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  2. reenachohan answered: Camera cutting to the poisonous flower in Walter White’s backyard garden.
  3. entertainmentobsession answered: Castiel is God in Supernatural, Gus’s facial make over in Breaking Bad, Highway scene in WAlking DEad (just to name a few)
  4. causenefex answered: The Walking Dead season finale definitely!
  5. 01123581321345589144233377610987 answered: What about the “Bones” season 6 finale? I certainly didn’t see a pregnancy coming.
  6. guardian answered: When the wife dies in the ‘single father’ starring David Tennant was pretty OMG
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  11. anuska-antunes answered: Bones and Booth together @ Bones
  12. vastfontofrandomness answered: Burn Notice winter season finale: Fiona turning herself in to the FBI.
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  14. buvonsbien answered: Brennan telling Booth she’s preggers on Bones!
  15. rubenisrapture answered: Suicide attack on Homeland.
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    What do you guys think? I agree with including “American Horror Story”, but not this moment. Realizing Tate was dead was...
  17. worldtraveler41319 answered: Dean and Colette in Pan Am and Castle’s season 3 finale!
  18. fifrancisco answered: Ashton Kutcher on Two and a half men
  19. awkwardjamaican answered: HIMYM with Robin’s story about not being able to get pregnant? Definitely!
  20. browncoatbynight answered: The Walking Dead’s barn shoot-out.
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    10 points if you can guess which ones I wrote.
  22. theresmorethanoneofeverything answered: Fringe. Send a machine back to the dinosaurs from the future? Merge universes? Erase Pacey from existence? How do you even top that?
  23. soulglow-heruflow answered: Walter White really did poisoned the little kid four words lily of the valley smh
  24. yloveboysboysboys answered: Vma’ :D
  25. celiacbubbie answered: Love Parenthood.
  26. lauderish answered: The Royal Wedding.
  27. asthmatic-enemy-of-god answered: Deb walking in on Dexter killing Colin Hanks at the end of the season finale
  28. filmthrasher answered: The Secret Circle killing off a series regular five episodes in.
  29. lovablefantasie answered: Kim Kardashians Wedding with Kris Humphries
  30. thedailyrevolution answered: winter came early on game of thrones, nothing beat it. BE incest is a very close #2 and the #1 WTF are you smoking where can this go? moment.
  31. whimsically-luminous answered: American Horror Story obviously except the last episode.that episode sucks but other than everything’s OMG moments.
  32. achsahnabrea answered: The episode of 90210 before holiday break. Liam was hit by the motorcycle.
  33. saucerman answered: ron swanson and tammy 1
  34. demiadejuyigbe answered: Of all of the OMG moments from Doctor Who in 2011, you chose that?