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Is NBC Putting '30 Rock' In Danger?

"30 Rock" hit new series LOWS in the ratings last night. It seems not even Liz Lemon is a match for “American Idol” and “The Big Bang Theory.” Yes, “30 Rock” got lower ratings than “Community.”

What do you think NBC should do with its 8 p.m. on Thursdays timeslot?

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  2. theroomgetheavy answered: Keep it!
  3. deehcriistiina answered: ??
  4. tumblroooski answered: I don’t know about 30 Rock, but Community is the best!
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    Great shows, bad time slot.
  6. thepaigeep answered: give it back to community NOW!
  7. qbgabe12 answered: So, it is not Community fault.
  8. dr-lloydberg answered: Nooooooooooooooooooo! This season is better than the previous 2 combined…
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    American Idol has been getting horrible ratings too, as it should be, since I don’t really understand why it’s still on...
  10. ringoosu answered: bring back community, duh.
  11. coffeelovinmom answered: Something funny! Thursday TV sucks now. Used to be the best night!!
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    30 Rock is one of the most under-appreciated shows on television. Everyone should be watching it!
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    no, no, no. this cannot be. i love me some 30 rock and i can’t just watch another one of my favorite series just die...
  14. danhacker answered: I love 30 Rock, but I wouldn’t be that sad if the show didn’t get another season.
  15. thecatzpjz answered: Keep 30 Rock!!
  16. filmthrasher answered: If anything, it shows NBC that there is NO REASON to cancel Community. It’s not the series, it’s the timeslot.
  17. sunset-sarsaparilla answered: community in ALL THE TIME SLOTS
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    stop juggling the lineups. it’s hard enough to breed viewer loyalty these days, but NO ONE is going to stick to a night...
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    I’m convinced that the only way to get people to watch NBC is to run Friends re-runs in the 8:00 time slot and lull...
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    Clearly it’s the time slot and not the shows which is what we’ve all been saying for a long time now. They need to stick...
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    it’s so depressing that this is indeed such a great nation of idiots why would you watch AI or TBBT over 30 rock EVER...
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    I don’t know if there’s anything they can do. The competition is monstrous and not going away. Counter-programming with...
  26. itswritetome answered: NBC needs to try something new on Thursday. Maybe move away from the comedies and try a drama in the 8 slot.
  27. entertainmentista answered: BRING BACK COMMUNITY.
  28. therealjoeshmo answered: put up all night a 8 and the office at 8:30, parks & rec at 9, 30 rock at 9:30
  29. cstarks answered: Put something better on because it’s a dumb show…
  30. imma-die-by-werewolf answered: Wow this is alarming. As much as I want Community to come back, I don’t want to lose Liz Lemon either.
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  32. gosly answered: Either give it to a huge show that can pull in the numbers or at least put Community back and realize it’s going to be tough against the BBT.
  33. relivethesplendor answered: A repeat, maybe of The Office.
  34. rufustfirefly answered: ugh
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