Set your DVRs already, because “Kathy” sounds great.

It’s about freaking time! What is “Kathy” going to actually look like when it premieres?
It’s going to be, what’s called in the industry, a shitstorm. I just did a promotional photo shoot for Bravo, and I’m playing a little bit of a smoke-and-mirrors game with them, where I don’t actually want them to know what the show is because I’m trying not to get canceled before my premiere. But they did a photoshoot with me with police “caution” tape around my mouth, so it’s almost as if they’re anticipating … they know what they’re in for, as will the rest of America, Canada, parts of Mexico City, the UK and Finland.

The show is an hour-long weekly, which I love — kind of like Bill Maher or Howard Stern, in a way, on his radio show. We have a little more time to play with stuff and kind of go a little deep. I have some ideas up my sleeve that I hope the network is OK with, one of which is I don’t really want celebrity guests.

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