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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Talks Emmy Nominations, 'Veep' Season 2, Casting The President And More

Get excited, people! Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the other Lead Actress in a Comedy Series nominees are planning something for the Emmys.

The Best Actress in a Comedy category is always a lot of fun. The nominees really enjoy it and often like to do a little something for the audience. Have you guys already caught up with each other to start planning something?
We have, yes. I’ve been in touch with a couple of people … we’re talking. It’s such a particularly nice time to be in this category because this group of women is such an outstanding group … I mean, I really have enormous respect and really admire the women in this category tremendously. It’s a great snapshot of what’s happening in television right now for women. These women know how to get to the funny and do it powerfully and capably. I’m tickled pink to be in this group.

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