"You know what, it’s not like I go back and watch episodes, but I was flipping through and there was an episode called “Office Olympics.” And there was a scene where I come back in and they’ve been playing games all day. My character comes back in and I’ve had all this trouble purchasing a condo — and it’s been a big problematic experience. And Jim awards me one of these medals — and my character is taking it very literally and very earnestly. and it’s really done more as a joke, but it evolves into something else. And I watched it because there was very little dialogue during this scene and I really enjoyed the moments on the show that were not scripted. It was just a shot of John [Krasinski] and a shot of him connecting with Jenna [Fisher’s] character, Pam, and a shot of me being just full of pride — like sort of misplaced. But very earnest and he’s very touched. And I just — I loved little moments of connection like that. And it was very subtle and I love that aspect of the show — that weren’t even scripted but just sort of elegant. You know, elegant relationship."

— Steve Carell on his favorite moment from “The Office.” Read the rest of the interview here.