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Her? Mae Whitman On 'Arrested Development' And What Egg's Been Up To

Is Egg returning to “Arrested Development”? Yeah, but she’s not spilling a lot of secrets.

Have you started shooting “Arrested Development" yet?
You know, I’m always confused about how much I can say, but what I do know is that — Alia [Shawkat] is one of my best friends and Michaal [Cera] too so I definitely have seen some of the things that are going down with the show and it is amazing. It’s so incredible and so smart and wonderful and just outrageously great. People are going to absolutely love it. Fans of the show will really love what they’re doing with the new reboot of it and I definitely will say I could never let this opportunity go by without absolutely forcing myself to be a part of it. I would have done some crazy, crazy stuff if I thought for a second that I wasn’t going to be able to be a part of it. I feel so lucky to be such a small part of this.

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