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'Liz and Dick' Review: Oh Lord, What Have They Done?

Maureen Ryan takes a look at Lifetime’s “Liz & Dick.” Added bonus: She made a drinking game.

All it really does is make you sad about what’s become of Lindsay Lohan, and wonder at the motivations of the filmmakers who put her in this cheap-looking, exploitative movie.

Exploitation really is the name of the game here; the whole point of casting Lohan was to draft off her status as a formerly promising actress who some time ago became a tabloid fodder thanks to her career-destroying antics. The casting of Lohan would ensure coverage of the production itself, and then more “Can she manage a comeback” chatter once the movie’s air date approached. It’s one way to get attention for a project, I guess.

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    I now really want to watch this, if only for the drinking game and to ask myself why Creed Bratton is randomly in it.
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