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Can we talk about this, please?

Can we talk about this, please?

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    I am very interested, yesss. Can’t wait for more details about it to appear. Looking at their other upcoming shows I’m...
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    YES. LET’S. Y’all, I’m so stoked for this. SO STOKED. Neil Cross created this. He’s responsible for Luther and has...
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  7. nuckgirl16 answered: The 2 shows I’m most excited for are Crossbones and Dracula hands down
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    John Malcovich? I’m in… He’s probably the only person who can play a mad pirate as well as Johnny Depp.
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    Pirates? John Malkovich? What’s not to love!
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  12. guitarmanjb answered: This looks like a fake show seen on ‘30 Rock’
  13. artlessjealousy answered: WAIT WHAT THAT IS JOHN MALKOVICH.
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  15. blergherator answered: im glad it’s on friday nights so I can watch it on sat. morning or when i’m staying in and drunk
  16. chittycoopcoop answered: wut? all I can figure is that NBC is 10 years late reading the ‘Pirates are cool’ email. Full show or maybe a mini-series?
  17. goingnerdy answered: sure lets talk. OMG PLZ SOON
  18. rhiannonyork answered: Does NBC like spending money on shows that they’ll cancel after 2 episodes?
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  20. its-just-jillies answered: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  21. xionin answered: wasn’t Hugh Laurie set to star in this?
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