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Highlights from the MTV Video Music Awards. What was your favorite moment?

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  1. relivethesplendor answered: Adele’s performance and the Amy Winehouse tribute
  2. luvmyself1 answered: Adele and chirs brown
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  4. uniquelyjujubee answered: when chris brown performed……and beyonce’s baby bump reveal!!!
  5. cassiusxd answered: I do not know watch
  6. johnontumblr answered: Britney tribute!!! and Adele’s performance!!! Flawless!
  7. kellisra answered: beyonce and her baby announcement, adele’s performance, hunger game preview!, and lil wayne’s closing xD
  8. julia21 answered: Britney’s speech and Amy Winehouse trubute.
  9. never-think-86 answered: Beyoncé announcing she pregnant.
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