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Maureen Ryan strikes again with some more spot-on suggestions.

1. Dump the racist caricature.

‘2 Broke’ depicts a couple of young waitresses living in the trendy and multi-ethnic neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. So why does their boss, Han Lee (Matthew Moy), feel as though he was imported from an unenlightened sitcom from decades ago? Han is not only desexualized, childlike, naive and dressed in dorky clothing, he speaks with a thick accent that emphasizes his misuse of English. He’s an appalling laundry list of almost every thoughtless Asian-American stereotype Hollywood has ever inflicted on our culture. CBS is doing its entire primetime lineup a disservice by including such a poorly thought out, offensive character in one of its most hyped new shows.

These are our discards.

AOL TV’s Maggie Furlong and Mo Ryan dish fall TV with’s Alan Sepinwall, Melanie McFarland from IMDb TV, Damian Holbrook of TV Guide Magazine.

Watch it, it’s cute and fun (it has to be because they talk about Zooey Deschanel!)