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'Community' Cast Previews A Wedding, Their Big Return And Plenty Of Drunken Craziness

Human Beings, this is a must-read.

But not everyone is behaving — looks like Jeff and Britta get a little bit wasted.
Alison Brie: “They get drunk.”

Danny Pudi: “Surprise, surprise — did you see them on Troy’s 21st birthday? They’re the ones, every time it’s someone else’s day, they get sloshed.”

Gillian Jacobs: “Duh. Britta and Jeff, ego, alcohol, insecurity, daddy issues all combined … at a wedding.”

Joel McHale: “Crazy, huh? Jeff’s got some issues. A lot of alcohol, a lot of pent up memories. Amid his in a drunken stupor, he goes back to his childhood memories. I think it’s a crack in the shell … he knows it, but he doesn’t want to face it. But not much comes out after this. That’s what’s so great about Dan is he only lets it out a little bit at a time. It’s not like, ‘And now I’m changed!’”

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These awesome ladies are just four of the hilarious TV stars who made AOL TV’s Top 11 Funniest Women of 2011 list. Tell me what you think of the list! Did your favorite make the cut?

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"I do try many times a season to put Alison in a situation, wardrobe-wise, that I know is going to end up as an animated GIF file! I observe that stuff and the way people are consuming it, because I’m a nerd too and I love to obsess about my favorite TV shows."

– Dan Harmon to Digital Spy via ‘Community’ Showrunner Plans Alison Brie’s GIF-able Moments | Warming Glow (via popculturebrain)

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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Asian Annie. Plus, look it’s Martin Starr!

EXCLUSIVE: Meet Asian Annie. Plus, look it’s Martin Starr!

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