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this is the only frozen-related gifset you’ll ever need

We actually asked the composers of Frozen about this very moment!

“It was an unconscious callback to Arrested Development,” Lopez says with a laugh when asked if he meant to recall Michael and Lindsay Bluth. “I think we had seen [that] episode once, and we did the joke, and realized that we had kind of made an homage. And then we tried to rewrite it, but we kept it because we couldn’t come up with anything better. Because Arrested Development is amazing.”

His wife remembers things slightly differently. “I will say that I think I wrote that line and I hadn’t seen the show — but that sandwiches are a very big part of our writing experience…We were always eating bagels when I was writing these lyrics.” In fact, Anderson-Lopez jokes, “if I could have put more sandwiches in, I would have.”

Well played, everybody involved!

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'Arrested Development' Creator Says Sorry

Plus plans for the movie and Season 5.

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What This 'Arrested Development' Star Wants From Next Season

One of the things I found disappointing about “Arrested Development” was that there weren’t enough scenes of the whole family together. I understand that was a byproduct of the circumstances, and Mitch Hurwitz structured the show in a different way for Netflix, but do you want to have more family scenes in the next season — assuming there is one?
Yeah, absolutely. I understood that the way Mitch did it was a perfect model for Netflix. There was one scene where we were all together — it was my first day and the whole cast was there. Everyone was in their wardrobe and hearing everybody’s characters again was just so fun. I would love to do more of that. Again, though, it kind of goes back to Mitch’s writing. His writing is so good that no matter what he writes, we’re all jumping at the chance. It’s just vibrating; you never know what you’re going to get.

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Made you something


Made you something

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LA Times Arrested Development Photo Shoot

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Great News For 'Arrested Development' Fans


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'The Good Wife' Books 'Arrested Development' Star

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5 Lessons From The Return of 'Arrested Development'

Maureen Ryan takes on “Arrested Development.”

After more than a week of pondering, I think I’ve finally figured out the point of Season 4 of “Arrested Development”: I can only assume the goal was to cure TV aficionados of wanting to revive any classic show, ever.

Much of the fourth season serves as an equivalent to the kind of scary warning the Bluth kids used to get from J. Walter Weatherman, the one-armed man who menaced them as kids. But instead of instilling terror as to what might happen if we put an empty milk container back in the fridge, Season 4 stands as a warning to anyone who’s advocating for the return of a show for which they had great affection: Be careful what you wish for, because the results can be deeply misguided.

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