Bravo and Team Danielle declined to comment. I would welcome this.

'Real Housewives of New Jersey': Is Teresa the new Danielle Staub?


I love the shots of Heidi eating while Danielle yells at Jake. I also keep forgetting ‘Famous Food’ is a show.

Now I know why he might be one of the most hated ‘Bachelors.’

Harsh words, Danielle Staub.

GIF Candy: Danielle Staub On Famous Food


Six GIF-tastic reasons Danielle is the breakout star of VH1’s new reality competition show, Famous Food:


2. The rarely-seen female crotch grab.

3. Knife skills.

4. Her zero-tolerance policy with Vinny.

5. Testimonials filled with maybe-crazy laughter.

6. She and Heidi Montag are BFFs 4 Eva!

Guys. Vincent Pastore thinks Danielle Staub was on ‘Desperate Housewives.’ That’s the one thing I learned from ‘Famous Food’ last night.

Instead, I was left with 5 lingering questions.

Guys. This ‘Famous Food’ thing is a real show.

Guys. This ‘Famous Food’ thing is a real show.

I am going to watch the crap out of this show. This sounds all kinds of trainwrecky amazing, yeah?

So … this happened. Danielle Staub, Heidi Montag and Jake Pavelka were spotted filming … something.