VIDEO: Joel McHale gets buzzed with KLG, Hoda

We love the smell of AquaNet in the morning.



“This writer will be responsible for feeding a new Kathie Lee and Hoda blog that will have 10-15 posts a week, focusing on newsy, quirky, or viral moments of the broadcast.”

Wanna come party with us? Apply away…

Guys …

Sara Bareilles and Hoda Kotb co-hosting ‘Today.’

Sara Bareilles and Hoda Kotb co-hosting ‘Today.’

Whitney Cummings stopped by ‘Today’ to chat with Hoda and Kathie Lee about her new show. But first, she got “hammered,” shook her “water bra” at the outside audience and just said a bunch of stuff really quickly. Meanwhile, Kathie Lee said she is counting on the new sitcom, ‘Whitney,’ to save NBC. Good luck.


'The Daily Show' sends Congress-approver to drink with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

So, that’s what I need to do in order to hang out with them …

This is Hoda & Kathie Lee in Jamaica. Drinking. Singing. Dancing. Being overall awesome.

You’re welcome.