With the two year anniversary of the “Lost” series finale upon us and the conclusions of “Desperate Housewives” and “House” this season, Maureen Ryan and Maggie Furlong ranked the best TV series finales. Ever. What’s your favorite series finale?

After eight years on “House,” Jesse Spencer didn’t leave the set empty-handed. What did he take? I don’t want to spoil you … Plus, he talks about his new “Chicago Fire” role.

Agree? Disagree? What shows would you add to this list?

"House" ending this year.

What do Dr. Gregory House, Det. Jimmy McNulty and Sgt. Nicholas Brody all have in common?

"Every show does have one. Because, on this show, you’ve got to get your words down, a lot of times actors will hold their sides and start memorizing right before a take. Olivia Wilde actually showed us this … when somebody’s really concentrating and they’re trying to be really serious, she just slaps the sides out of their hands. [Laughs] It’s very frustrating, but it’s very funny."

Odette Annable on the ‘House’ hazing rituals. Find out what else she says about her new character and pulling double duty with ‘Breaking In.’

The end of Huddy? AKA House drives a car into Cuddy’s house. WTF?

Huddy fans, I am so sorry.


Damon Lindelof appears on House and promplty gets kicked in the nuts by Olivia Wilde.

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Attention frustrated ‘Lost’ fans! Watch this video.

An exclusive ‘House’ clip to make your Monday better? Sure!

An exclusive ‘House’ clip featuring THIRTEEN’S RETURN!? Even better, yeah?