Jason Bateman is frustrated by the ‘Arrested Development’ movie news cycle, then adds to it.

Watch Cameron Diaz remove Jon Stewart’s stitches on ‘The Daily Show.’

"My mouth is salivating," Diaz told Stewart. "I’m frothing at the mouth, I’m so excited."

Weird thing to be excited about, but alright. Carry on, Cameron.

The other day Donald Trump took Sarah Palin out for pizza. Yeah, you probably heard all about it and saw all the footage. Anyway, Jon Stewart used ‘The Daily Show’ to point out what he saw as the real problem of this pizza date: the location. Trump took Palin to a Times Square location of Famous Famiglia.

"It’s New York City," Stewart joked. "I hate to use this term this close to Ground Zero, but we’re a bit of a Pizza Mecca."

It didn’t stop there. “Based on how you eat pizza, Donald,” Stewart said. “I want to see your longform birth certificate. I don’t think you were really born in New York.”

"So there is an exit strategy. We turned over the mission to NATO! Man, I feel bad for whoever the sucker is that’s the main driving force financially and weapon-wise in that organization, because those guys are … wait a minute. We’re NATO!

“That’s like BeyoncĂ© saying she’s ceding control to Sasha Fierce.”

On the scene at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Our mission: To make a funny video. So, how’d we do?