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In Defense Of 'The Newsroom'

By now you’ve probably read a couple of “Newsroom” reviews. Some of them are not very favorable, including HuffPost TV’s Maureen Ryan’s, but Maggie Furlong says “The Newsroom” might be one of Aaron Sorkin’s smartest shows.

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Tweeting TV: How Twitter Has Changed The Business Of Television

Tumblin’ about Twitter. Maggie Furlong has broken down the big social media changes that the various networks have implemented.

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"I probably won’t be around that much longer, frankly."

– "Community" star Chevy Chase to HuffPost TV’s Maggie Furlong. Read Maggie’s full interview with Chevy here.

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Amanda Peet Previews 'Bent,' Compares 'Game Of Thrones' To Coke

Amanda Peet, who stars in NBC’s "Bent" (Wed., Mar. 21, 9 and 9:30 p.m. ET), is married to “Game of Thrones” executive producer David Benioff. As expected, she loves the HBO series.

Another show I’m guessing you’ve seen bits of already: “Game of Thrones,” Season 2. Obviously your husband [executive producer David Benioff] is busy with that, but it must be on your “watch” list too, right?
Well, that goes without saying! I’m like a coke addict for “Game of Thrones.” He’s like my druglord — when he brings home dailies, I’m like shaking in the corner.

Were you a fan of the books before he got involved with the show?
No! I was like, “I’m not gonna read those books! Gimme something about sex and marriage and relationships — what do I want to watch this thing about dragons for?” [Laughs.] And then cut to me becoming like a coke fiend.

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"Yeah, it’s taken a little bit of adjusting. This is my first television show ever, so being in the spotlight like this is a little jarring, especially for my first job on TV, but everybody’s been really nice … the most I’ve ever gotten is, “I hate you on ‘Smash’!” But that means I’m doing my job right, so … I’m just really happy that everyone’s responding so well to the show."

– Maggie Furlong asked “Smash’s” Jaime Cepero what it’s like to be hated. More of the interview and Jaime’s defense of Ellis here.

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Kathy Griffin On Her New Bravo Talk Show 'Kathy,' Plus Rush Limbaugh, Kirk Cameron And More Targets

Set your DVRs already, because “Kathy” sounds great.

It’s about freaking time! What is “Kathy” going to actually look like when it premieres?
It’s going to be, what’s called in the industry, a shitstorm. I just did a promotional photo shoot for Bravo, and I’m playing a little bit of a smoke-and-mirrors game with them, where I don’t actually want them to know what the show is because I’m trying not to get canceled before my premiere. But they did a photoshoot with me with police “caution” tape around my mouth, so it’s almost as if they’re anticipating … they know what they’re in for, as will the rest of America, Canada, parts of Mexico City, the UK and Finland.

The show is an hour-long weekly, which I love — kind of like Bill Maher or Howard Stern, in a way, on his radio show. We have a little more time to play with stuff and kind of go a little deep. I have some ideas up my sleeve that I hope the network is OK with, one of which is I don’t really want celebrity guests.

More from Kathy Griffin.

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A Smash Fan's Plea: Please Skip Episode 3!

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I love “Smash.” However, I have to agree with Maggie’s article (linked above and here). The third episode is weird. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen on TV, but for a show still trying to pull in an audience it’s an odd misstep. If you’re on the fence about the show, this one may push you over to giving up on it. With that said, episode 4 will bring you back in. There are good performances, lots of Anjelica Houston and drama.

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Attention “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” fans: Here’s the scoop you’ve been waiting for about the crossover!

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The Bright Side Of Work It: It Doesn't Just Offend Women -- It Offends Everyone!

"Work It" is bad, y’all. Rullllll bad. Maggie Furlong on just how wack "Work It" is:

When a show is as bad as “Work It,” and you truly have nothing nice to say about it, it often feels like you should just follow that old adage and not say anything at all. But that’s not my job. (Sorry, Mom!)

If you somehow haven’t heard about this horrific new show, the fine folks at HitFix, IGN TV, Variety, Zap2it and Entertainment Weekly, among many others, have all tried to articulate exactly how bad it is to great success; Gawker even claimed that "Work It" could be the worst television show in history.

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Our very own Maggie Furlong’s dog, Otis, is famous! Sort of. A reporter from Deadline Hollywood snapped this pic of him enjoying (or not enjoying) the TCAs. Your dash needs more Otis.
Love that the commenter on the source site knew exactly who Otis was.

Our very own Maggie Furlong’s dog, Otis, is famous! Sort of. A reporter from Deadline Hollywood snapped this pic of him enjoying (or not enjoying) the TCAs. Your dash needs more Otis.

Love that the commenter on the source site knew exactly who Otis was.

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