"Parks & Rec" exclusive sneak peek! Spoiler alert: It made me LOL at my desk.

It was a good slideshow.

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"It’s a little unnerving. He keeps picking me up over his head and then twisting my limbs into a pretzel shape and then untwisting. And it was funny the first couple times, then I was like, “Chris, please.” You know, in my life, I’ve met a lot of wonderful talented and beautiful people, and Chris Pratt has to take the cake. There’s nothing that he could do that would surprise me. He is so talented as a dramatic actor, as a comedian, obviously. But also he’s just such a beautiful man. He’s full of love and he’s generous and kind. And annoyingly, also dashingly good-looking."

Nick Offerman on having Chris Pratt and his new ripped body on the “Parks & Rec” set.

A big story this week is that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are leaving “Parks and Rec.” When did you find that out? Do they bring the cast in and say, “Hey, we’ve got an announcement,” or do they tell you in private?
You know, things like that are sensitive and need to be carefully guarded just because that kind of information in the wrong hands can be misinterpreted. But we found out pretty recently. Our boss lets us know in a gentle, loving way that there’s going to be some changes. And it’s a sad thing. We have such a happy, successful family. And so, on one hand, we’re very saddened to send a couple of our siblings off to a bright future. But, on the other hand, I’m astonished that we’ve all stayed together this long — because our cast is just such a crazy all-star team. I mean, all of those bright talents have so many opportunities pulling them in every direction. And so, rather than look at it as a tragedy, I look at it as a great victory that we managed to pull off 90 episodes together. And they’re going to do another 13. And so, I’m very happy that we’ve kept both of them around so long. The real bummer, and my response to the rest of the cast was, unfortunately, our show just got 65 percent less good-looking. The good news is, I jumped up a couple slots, so …

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What if Ron Swanson was a morning talk show host? Wonder no more! On the next episode of “Parks and Recreation,” Ron takes over for Joan Callamezzo. Hilarity ensures.

Tammy 2 is back and she’s got her eye on … yep, Ron Swanson. Will Diane stand by her man?

Cannot wait for Lucy Lawless vs. Megan Mullally.

She’s baaaccckkk … Tammy 2 will meet Diane. Plus, Christie Brinkley debuts as the super hot Gayle!

Jean-Ralphio is in the houseeeeeeeee. “Parks & Recreation” stills from “Ben’s Parents.” More here.