"I’d love Regis, but Regis would win. It wouldn’t be fair. Everybody would know I couldn’t fire Regis."

Donald Trump on why you’ll never see Regis Philbin on “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Four out of the 12 things we’ll miss on TV in 2012. RIP Lil Sebastian.

Regis and Rachael Ray talk about backseat adventures. You read that right. Plus: Regis in the shower!

Regis Philbin and Jimmy Kimmel chew Jordana Brewster’s 5-year-old piece of gum. You’re welcome.

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My colleague thought this meant he’d be hosting a ‘Double Dare’-esque show. I’d be on board with that too.

"I’ll always remember spending these mornings with all of you, so thank you very much for these great years together, god bless you all, and I hope I see you again real soon. Thanks everybody!"

Regis Philbin, signing off from ‘Live! With Regis and Kelly’ after 28 years with the program. There’s video here, make sure you have your tissues handy.

Kathie Lee Gifford assures Regis they never had sexual tension.

I’m going to miss Reeg.