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Danny Pudi on Luis Guzman:

Luis Guzman is definitely the special guest this time around. You know, we’ve always had the Luis Guzman statue on campus, but I was unsure of 1) how he was going to react to that, and 2) is this just kind of an “in” joke and something he’ll never take seriously? And then we saw him on set — Joe Russo introduced him to us — and I was like,’ Oh my god. I’ve literally climbed you! I’ve climbed your statue and sat on your shoulders before!’ That scene was cut — it was in a ‘Breakfast Club’ montage in Season 1 where I was literally on his statue and people were like, ‘How’d you end up there?’ There’s a lot of firsts on this show, and this was the first time that I’d climbed a replica scale model of someone before I’d actually met the real person. Usually I meet them and then I find their statue and climb it.

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