The Best of The Dowager Countess

Get ready for the return of “Downton Abbey” (and Maggie Smith!) this weekend — yes, we know what a weekend is — with HuffPost TV’s Dowager Countess supercut.

"The Good Wife" exclusive preview! Michael J. Fox is back and sassier than ever.

Meet the new Herman Munster as he explores his new home, 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

This "Happy Endings" supercut totes doesn’t sook.

James Cameron and “MythBusters” are going to test whether or not Rose and Jack could’ve both fit AND stayed afloat on the wood at the end of “Titanic.” Here’s the first experiment and it looks like … James Cameron was right.

"The Good Wife" Season 4 promo: Stronger & Sexier.

Guys. I gasped. Twice. I cannot wait. Kalinda and Nick! Kristin Chenoweth! Alicia’s wavier hair!

This is Angela Lansbury’s workout video. This is a fact. I’d like to thank Vulture for bringing this — and many more random celebrity workout tapes — to my attention. It’s truly a stunning list.

The hottest star of the 2012-2013 TV season …


She’s consistently been on TV, but the critics love her. Can you blame them? Watch the video for more picks.

The best new comedy of the fall? We asked a whole lot of TV critics for their picks!